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Diving in Palm-Mar, Tenerife Diving in Palm-Mar, Tenerife
DivingAtlantisTenerife - 2/21/2024 10:20 PM
Nestled along the picturesque southern coast of Tenerife, the charming village of Palm Mar beckons to diving enthusiasts with promises of underwater marvels waiting to be discovered. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters and rich marine biodiversity, Palm Mar offers an immersive diving experience suitable for divers of all levels. Diving in Palm Mar is a journey into an aquatic wonderland, where vibrant coral reefs, intricate rock formations, and an abundance of marine life await beneath the sur...
Diving in Sharm El Sheikh : A Guide For Biginners and Expert Diving in Sharm El Sheikh : A Guide For Biginners and Expert
RedSeaMarine - 7/23/2023 3:16 AM
Dive O’Clock Beer on Bonaire! Dive O’Clock Beer on Bonaire!
Marlies-Diveoclock - 5/20/2021 2:11 PM
⭐️ EXCITING NEWS ⭐️ THERE IS DIVE O’CLOCK BEER ON BONAIRE!!! 🤩🍻 Read all about it now, or visit the brewery to try it on TAP! ’It’s always five o’clock somewhere! Combining divers paradise and draft beer, that can only happen on Bonaire! This hidden gem has got you covered and focuses on being eco-friendly too!’ Go to article:
Similan Islands - Thailand. Similan Islands - Thailand.
Thailand_Divers - 2/14/2021 8:14 AM
Since so many divers head for the Similan Islands, this small archipelago has become a destination for yachts and excursion boats. The Similans Islands are so famous that most routes in the region take 4-6 days, but if you have time, you can combine a more extended way with the islands for a total of 3-4 days of diving, kayaking, fishing and other activities. Thailand scuba diving at its best – Similan Islands. You can also stay in a hotel or resort in Phang Nga and take a day trip to the Simila...
Diving Cebu Philippines Diving Cebu Philippines
scubadivingnomad - 9/30/2020 11:38 PM
Diving Cebu PhilippinesIf you are looking for great diving conditions and a unique experience for your next international dive vacation, then Cebu Philippines should be on your short list. It has the only dive site with daily sightings of thresher sharks, another destination with a year-round sardine run, and many locations with frequent whale shark encounters. The cost of diving is among the most reasonable in the world and the selection of where to stay in Cebu is extensive. The name Cebu can ...
An Underwater photographer’s ultimate guide to the Mergui Archipelago An Underwater photographer’s ultimate guide to the Mergui Archipelago
smilingseahorse - 6/26/2020 12:11 AM
Mergui Archipelago: Myanmar’s diving destination... After a long surface interval where you finally found the time to finishing editing your full SD cards, do you feel like getting away for a few days? Would you like to leave the mainland for exciting ocean adventures? Myanmar reveals marine wonders most sought after by divers and underwater photographers. Located in Southeast Asia, the Mergui Archipelago will amaze you with a variety of sea life of all sizes making stylish appearances at differ...
Rhinobatis: the Shark - Ray guitar shaped fish Rhinobatis: the Shark - Ray guitar shaped fish
smilingseahorse - 6/25/2020 11:43 PM
Guitar fish: guitar rays or guitar sharks? Guitar fish belong to the Rhinobatis genus. "Rhine" is the Greek word for shark and "batis" the Latin word for ray. Guitarfish belong to the ray family but are often mistaken for shark or called guitar sharks. They have fins on their back making them look like sharks and swim with using their "shark" tail whereas most other rays prefer flapping their pectoral fins as a propeller. Like all other rays, their mouth is positioned under their body making it ...
Andaman Sea rays Andaman Sea rays
smilingseahorse - 6/16/2020 1:12 AM
In this article I wanted to present the various rays you can encounter in the Andaman sea. Most of the pictures below were taken in the Mergui Archipelago located off the coast of Myanmar and some in Surin and Similan islands in Thailand... I will start with the rays spending most of their time laying on the sea floor such as the stingrays and then about the pelagic rays through the Andaman Sea: they swim mid water from the depth all the way to the surface and travel long distances such as eagle...
All about tiger sharks All about tiger sharks
smilingseahorse - 5/29/2020 3:11 AM
Are tiger sharks dangerous? You are probably wondering, can tiger shark kill you? Do tiger sharks attack humans? It is true that tiger sharks are considered to be particularly aggressive because of its little selectivity but accidents (and they are accidents, not attacks) with humans are rare. Keep in mind though that shark bites, all species included, are very rare. There is less than 80 cases of shark bites per year worldwide, and less than 5 deaths per year worldwide because of a shark attack...
Best Time For Diving in Maldives
Aquaventure - 5/20/2020 6:52 AM
The best time of scuba diving in Maldives You plan to visit the Maldives and of course, you want to travel at the best time. To help make your decision, you first have the define what you mean by best. Generally, for many tourists, the best is the most amount of sunshine and the least amount of rain, but for a scuba diver, the best time can mean something different. The best time to see Manta Rays; the best time to see Whale Sharks; the best time to see Hammerhead Sharks; the best time for great...
Cruising Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar Cruising Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar
smilingseahorse - 4/28/2020 12:37 AM
The smiling seahorse raises the level of Burma dive cruises with a brand new liveaboard! Ranong, Thailand, 13th of May 2019: The Smiling Seahorse unveils "MV Smiling Seahorse", a splendid new boat custom built by and for divers. Just launched in November 2018, the "MV Smiling Seahorse" has been thoroughly tested this season and have only received compliments from returning and new customers alike. Strong of their 7 years experience, Camille and Franck Fogarolo, owners of The Smiling Seahorse hav...
The Conflict Islands, Papua New Guinea, remote AMAZING diving! The Conflict Islands, Papua New Guinea, remote AMAZING diving!
Tezzadiver - 3/03/2020 9:23 PM
Located in the pristine waters of The Coral Sea, the Conflict Islands comprise of 21 untouched islands, boasting the most extensive biodiversity & coral reef in the world. With a third of the world’s species of marine fish, the Conflict Islands are home to everything from the tiny ghost pipefish to huge manta rays & tiger sharks. Among the group of islands that surround a spectacular lagoon is Irai Island. This island was found “second-best coral in the world” with the greatest number of species...
Cozumel 23 Years Later and Better Than Ever
Smithsgold - 9/23/2019 1:38 PM
2019 Channel Islands Dive Trip 2019 Channel Islands Dive Trip
WCReefers - 8/22/2019 12:49 AM
Have a dive trip scheduled for October 2019 limited load. Best time to dive the Islands . If interested, send me an email. I’ll send my flyer with cost, payment schedule and info regarding the trip. Last years trip filmed by one of our dive buddies: John
Scuba Diving: Packing Smart for Your Next Diving Adventure Scuba Diving: Packing Smart for Your Next Diving Adventure
Kat3rina - 7/09/2019 2:58 PM
Scuba diving is definitely one popular ocean activity, but as much as it is exciting, the preparation can be a bit overwhelming. Before leaving your nest to explore the depths of the ocean, of course, you’ll have to acquire the skill, knowledge, and the right training to make a dive successful. But perhaps the most important thing is to come prepared. You should pack the right diving equipment and know how to pack smart. That being said, here are some packing tips. A Month Before • Prepare some ...
5 Stunning Dive Spots in Fiji You Should Visit Soon 5 Stunning Dive Spots in Fiji You Should Visit Soon
Kat3rina - 6/16/2019 8:18 PM
Fiji has a number of names, from ‘The Best Shark Diving Location in the World to ‘The Soft Coral Capital of the World.’ With labels like these, it’s safe to say Fiji has some of the best diving destinations you can go to, whether you’re a noob or a pro. The country has a lot to offer for the keenest of divers, including canyons, caverns, swim-throughs, and wall dives. Whether you want to choose to be located from a liveaboard or on the islands, there is a lot to see the whole year round. That be...
Best Dive Sites in Asia Best Dive Sites in Asia
Kat3rina - 5/24/2019 8:20 AM
Traveling to Asia is as exciting as it sounds; Asia is the largest and most diverse continent on Earth, so you’ll get more than your money’s worth of culture, beauty, history, and adventure. Few divers can forget their first exhilarating encounter with a shark and for many, diving with sharks is the ultimate, awe-inspiring experience. From encounters with schooling hammerheads and hunting reef sharks to searching for unique species and snorkeling with the giants of the ocean. Asia is one of the ...
Best Scuba Diving Sites Around Tokyo Best Scuba Diving Sites Around Tokyo
joannemiller - 11/27/2018 4:29 AM
Japan is well known for its unique traditional culture, excellent cuisine and hospitality. It is also famous for its megacities and advanced technology which you will experience first-hand with self-opening taxi doors. But beyond the bustling city life in Tokyo, you can also have an amazing diving adventure on the islands that are a few hours ride by train from Tokyo. Keep reading to discover some of the best scuba diving sites around Tokyo. Osezaki Bay Osezaki is located on Izu Peninsula, which...
Diving Tobago Diving Tobago
ridenj716 - 7/24/2018 3:02 PM
Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island nation near Venezuela. Tobago has the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Going into my trip I put in a good amount of research regarding my level of diving and interests and came to the general consensus that Speyside would be the best bet for me. Speyside, located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island, is known to be the best place to reach the more advanced dive sites (e.g. The Sisters, Curry Coconut, London Bridge, etc.). Bei...
Packing the dive bag for travel
johanohl - 2/16/2018 7:55 AM
Hi Buddies, I want to share some tips on how I pack my dive bag for liveaboard and dive travel, I hope it helps and that you enjoy the video :-)